Alice & Ben / Wiltshire

Love & Laughter at a Wick Bottom Barn wedding

I have been meaning to share Alice & Ben’s incredibly fun Wiltshire wedding at Wick Bottom Barn for a good while, from the very first phone call with Alice I knew it was going to a great one and I certainly wasn’t wrong, full of constant laughter throughout the day and some on my behalf, due to probably the most embarrassing thing to happen to me in over 200 weddings, more on that later…

I travelled up to Wiltshire to document Alice & her friends getting ready in a cute little cottage in a picturesque village called Devizes, it was the start of June so the weather had started to warm and it felt like a perfect day for two people to get married. I always like to start early on a wedding day, you get a sense of the excitement and get to meet people so it doesn’t feel like you’re just there to work, you are part of the day. Ben was getting ready in the quaint market town called Malborough with his 3 closest friends as the market bustled into life with locals doing their Saturday shops and the feeling that summer had finally arrived

As I made my way to Wick Bottom Barn the ceremony was starting to be filled up with Alice & Ben’s nearest and dearest, my first thoughts as I entered the barn was that this was going to be tricky to photograph, a big dark cavernous space, with only one light source coming from a side entrance to the barn it, but like every situation like this you try and use what’s available and turn it into your favour and I really love the resulting images. The couple wanted to do things their own way, Ben’s father conducted the humanist service with a selection of their friends doing readings. One of my favourite parts was the choir that took to the stage and got everyone moving in synchronisation! a fitting end to a beautiful ceremony.

Everyone made danced their way out of the darkness of the barn to the bright light of early the summer sun for the obligatory confetti throw on the newlyweds. Wicks Bottom Barn is perfect for a secluded wedding, it feels like it’s off the beaten track and you can party as hard as you like, with space for the couple’s friends to camp out to the rear of the barn so any guests a little worse for wear only simple walk 20 metres to collapse into their tents!

After a few drinks, canapes & bouquet throw everyone made their way into the barn for the speeches to begin! so this is when I get to tell my most embarrassing story…

So let me set the scene, it’s all going well, the groom starts his speech, I’m low down behind the main table getting some shots as he thanks people, just before I think he’s about to talk about the bride I move between a row of guests to get in a good position to Alice and have to squeeze past a bridesmaids and a guest, I stand tall and tuck my belly in to get past but then hear a yelp from the bridesmaid as a load of her hair gets caught in my waistcoats button… as the groom starts to talk lovingly about the bride all eyes turn to me as I continue to struggle to separate myself from the bridesmaid, panic sets as I’m unable to get free, the next 2 minutes feels like about 30 as the whole place erupts in laughter and a couple of guests try to set me free!

The bride and groom were in hysterics at least, it felt like an eternity before I and the bridesmaids were detangled and the speeches resumed! I’ve put a link to the video (yes there is a video of the incident) at the end of this post so if you get to the bottom you can view my excruciating moment.

The night started as it should always start, with cake! giving just enough time for the band the ‘Smooth Sailor’s’ to set up as everyone enjoyed the last rays of the setting sun. The first dance is probably one of my favourite moments of their wedding, with either of sides of the barn opening allowing the light to shine on the couple as they got the party started! the band were flipping incredible! a mixture of feel-good dance classics done in a way that if you’re not dancing there is something dead inside you! so good in fact that I didn’t see a quiet moment for over 3 hours!

Anyway a big thank you to Alice & Ben for inviting along for the ride! and all the guys and girls at Wick Bottom Barn, anyone wanting a barn wedding in Wiltshire then definitely check them out. If you like this one then definitely have a look at Sarah & Cam’s Dorset wedding or Luisa & Jack’s Tipi wedding.

Well done, you deserve to see the most embarrassing moment now. Follow this link.

Other wedding Suppliers

Venue – Wick Bottom Barn
Flowers – Kate Howard – Hedge Rose Florist
Hair Stylist – Alice Taper
Make Up – Kate Littlejohn
Catering – Ministry of Food
Band – Smooth Sailors
Dress – Grace Loves Lace
Suit – Beggars Run



Bloody lovely widding that Richard. Top job.