Wedding Photographer Reviews

Client Love



Luisa & Jack

“We feel so incredibly lucky that Richard was our photographer. He is beyond talented. We knew the only thing we’d have to look back on were our photos, so it was really quite important to us. When we saw Richards work and he said he was available we snapped him up. Just how special the photos really are once the day is over is quite amazing, they take you back to that day every time you look at them. To have someone who has captured so well the vibe and happiness of the day in such a natural way is priceless. He is so professional and friendly and knows exactly how to achieve what you ask of him. Neither of us are used to having someone follow us around with a camera, but Richard does it in such a way that you don’t realise that’s whats happening. He has this great way of just blending in as if he’s part of your friends and family, and that’s where he finds the magic.”

Holly & Max

“Richard – you’re a complete photography superstar, we LOVE our photos! Thank you for being lovely, professional, seemingly everywhere at once, unobtrusive – you have an incredible eye. We have come back to your photos again and again and keep finding new things we love – little glances you’ve captured, or moments we had forgotten. Our guests have also been thrilled with how many awesome pictures you’ve taken of everyone – one of our friends emailed us to say “ils arrivent à nous rendre carrément plus beaux gosses” – basically, the photos make us all look really awesome/handsome! Which is true! Thank you so much for agreeing to join us in France to photograph our day. We will treasure our photos forever.“

Leanne & Theo

“We couldn’t recommend Richard enough. My husband and I are hardly naturals in front of a camera. Richard made photographing the whole day an absolute pleasure. Our guests loved him and the photos were just unbelievable. He really captured the whole feel of the day. Richard was also a very calming influence on the day and made a special effort in researching locations around the venue to take some breath-taking shots. We don’t get tired of looking through the photos and smiling at just how happy everybody looks.”

Kieran & Gareth

“Richard was absolutely fantastic. His photos are beyond incredible, he’s super friendly and really easy going. He took so many amazing shots and most of the time I didn’t even realize he was there taking pics! We got married a few weeks ago and we already have all the photos. Pretty much all our friends and family have commented on how wonderful the photos are and how Richard really captured the true essence of the day. I honestly cannot recommend him enough, best decision ever.”

Caitlin & Stuart

“Wow. What a guy. Everybody – and I mean everybody – commented on how hard he worked all day. He was there at 8am and I didn’t see him sit down until 10pm. He must have been exhausted. He wasn’t intrusive at all. A fly on the wall. But so much fun, that you’d want him at your party anyway!

He really put us at ease and we were so impressed with the beautiful candid shots. He caught so many moments. My favourites are the ones of Stu’s brothers and my new sister-in-law setting up the ceremony space. They worked really hard for us, so it’s great that Richard caught that love and kindness on camera. With so many glamorous and staged wedding photos out there, it’s so refreshing to see Richard beautifully captured all the humbling deeds and hard graft happening in the background. The man’s an artist.”

Kate & Michael

“Richard was a fantastic photographer who made the day fly by with ease, and at no point feeling like photos were a chore. He blended in perfectly to get the most amazing candid shots of the whole party without ever being over bearing. Our whole family loved having him with us in the morning as well as we were getting ready. The final photos are beautiful and we love his use of light and the capturing of some fantastic characters and moments throughout the day.”

Vicky & James

“Richard was the photographer at our wedding earlier this year and I honestly cannot recommend him highly enough. He is a genuinely lovely guy and made us feel totally at ease. I can’t get over how beautiful our photos are. He captured the day and the emotions so perfectly and every time I look at them all the feelings and emotions come straight back I’m so happy we came across his website, I always knew the pictures would be fantastic based on his work that I’d seen previously, but I’m totally blown away with the photos he took for us and can’t thank him enough.”

Emily & Joe

“We can’t recommend Richard enough, his beautiful photography is so dynamic and warm, full of energy and really natural. He has an eye for stunning compositions, and stealthily captures every funny and sentimental moment. From when we first got in touch he was relaxed, fun and approachable. He was very happy to start the day on a motorboat on the River Thames photographing Joe and his friends’ rowing race, he gathered all 140 odd family members after the ceremony and all 240 odd guests for a group picture at the reception, and steered his way through a ridiculous dance floor late into the evening. Amongst all this, Richard scheduled in moments throughout the day for just the two of us – this was something we loved about his approach, its easy to get swept up as the day goes so quickly and those moments were a chance to press pause and focus on each other. Richard has given us an incredible package of photographs, and the easy-to-use online gallery is perfect for us and our family and friends to look through, download or order pictures.”

Claire & Damien

“I cannot recommend Richard enough for documenting a wedding day! As it was a destination wedding we were unsure who we could book in Portugal. I did a lot of research online and as soon as I saw his online portfolio we knew that Richard’s relaxed and natural style was what would suit our day! Thankfully he travels!! We didn’t want to spend half our day posing while our friends partied and thankfully Richard agrees! We partied the day away while he documented it all, only taking us away for a few quiet moments here and there!! He seems to know where to be to capture the perfect picture, all the while blending in with the crowd! Richard is so easy going and relaxed to have around, lots of our guests even asked if he was a friend! We absolutely LOVE our photos!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!”

Clem & Tim

“Richard photographed a friend’s wedding last year and when we saw the pictures we were captivated and there was no question – Richard would be our photographer and we booked our wedding around his availability.
You can feel the emotions he captures – his photos are dynamic, warm and full of personality.
Richard is always professional, easy to speak with and took time to run through our wedding day a few weeks before and tell us what to expect from him and his style of photography. He was wonderful on the day and the photos are sensational; he’s captured every moment and detail with great care. We received so many compliments for Richard and his photographs from our guests – a testament to his skill and kindness.”

Becky & George

“We booked Richard without a second thought for our wedding photos as he had photographed my brothers wedding the year before. Richard is an incredibly talented photographer and we were in tears looking at our wedding photos. He captures the moments perfectly and the memories from the day beautifully. Richard is such a lovely guy- warm, friendly and very professional- he blends in and pops up without you or your guests realising it and in the bride groom photo session Richard instantly makes you feel comfortable without any awkward poses or moments-in fact these parts of the day were some of the most special and memorable. Do not hesitate to book Richard for your wedding photos- you will not regret it.”